Carrot cake cupcake
Chocolate and vanilla swirl cupcakes
Cherry and almond cupcakes, with a secret squodge of marzipan inside
Firework baby cupcakes with glitter and stars
Wedding cupcake tower, banana and walnut and carrot cake cupcakes, with triple chocolate brownies
Triple chocolate brownies
Chocolate marmalade and Chocolate and vanilla swirl cupcakes
Mixed cupcake tower

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Chocolate and pink vanilla birthday cupcakes
Chocolate brandy butter cupcakes- grownups only!
Chocolate cupcakes with sparkly butterflies
Mint choc chip cupcakes with chocolate and glitter
Mixed cupcake tower
Rocky road, a chocolate and biscuit marshmallowey treat
Sticky date slices
Scarlet and ivory cupcakes, banana and walnut and carrot cake flavour
Cookies and cream christening cupcakes
Christmas cupcakes with snowflakes and glitter
Vanilla and red heart cupcakes with red glitter
Halloween spider cupcakes
Halloween cupcake tower, chocolate cupcakes and spider cupcakes
Triple chocolate cookies and Ginger honey snaps
Loveheart cupcakes, perfect for Valentines Day
Chocolate cupcakes on a tiered cake stand